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Daily Diagnosis is delivered via email in both HTML and text formats. If you are experiencing problems receiving or viewing the briefing, here are some general troubleshooting tips:

  • If the briefing is appearing in your bulk mail or spam folder, try adding to your email program’s address book. This should help your email service provider or ISP flag subsequent editions as legitimate content that you’d like to receive.
  • If the briefing is appearing in your inbox, but is not displaying correctly, your email program may not presently allow images or html to display. Try the following:
    1. 1) Set the preferences in your email program (or, if you have webmail, in the preferences section of the site) to allow images or html graphics to display; or
    2. 2) Simply click the link at the top of the briefing to display a web version of the email in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I getting this briefing? A: Daily Diagnosis is a valuable new offering from the ASCP sent at no cost to its members in order to help them stay abreast of the many daily developments in their field.

Q: Does the briefing cost anything extra? A: No, it is absolutely free for you. It is included in your membership to ASCP.

Q: Can I choose not to receive the briefing? A: Absolutely – we respect your desire to cancel at any time. Contact us at http://www.ascp.org/feedback or simply unsubscribe here. Unsubscribe requests may take up to three business days to process.

Q: I know colleagues who would like to receive Daily Diagnosis. Where can they sign up? A: Please have them contact ASCP by one of the following means:

Q: How frequently is the briefing published? A: Every weekday, holidays excepted.

Q: May I forward the briefing to a friend or colleague? A: Yes you may, but since it is a benefit specifically provided as part of your ASCP membership, some content, features, and functionality may not fully forward with the email.

Q: Do I need to receive this every day, or can I opt for less frequent delivery? A: Daily Diagnosis is currently available only in the form of a daily briefing. We have found through experience that most readers prefer a shorter daily briefing with very fresh content over a long weekly format containing older stories.

Q: Can I change the address that the briefing is going to? A: Please contact ASCP for any changes to your membership profile. They can be reached by the following means:

Changes may take up to three business days to process.

Q: Can I suspend my subscription? A: We do not have a temporary suspend feature at this time, but if you must suspend the service, you can simply unsubscribe – just remember to re-subscribe later.

Please contact ASCP for any changes to your membership profile.

Q: I am no longer a member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Can I still get Daily Diagnosis?A: Unfortunately, no. Daily Diagnosis is an exclusive benefit of ASCP membership, so non-members are not able to subscribe to the briefing.

Q: Why is there advertising in the briefing? A: Daily Diagnosis is a benefit of your ASCP membership and is provided to you at no additional cost. Advertising is sold to defray substantial production and delivery costs. All ads are clearly labeled to distinguish them from editorial content. We also take great care to work with advertisers that we believe have quality products and services that might be of use to ASCP members.

Q: Is my information being sold to the advertisers? A: No, never, in any manner. We maintain a very strict privacy policy. We try to provide advertising relevant to the aggregate audience of the newsletter, but your personally identifiable information (name, email, etc.) is in no way shared with anyone, including the advertiser.

Q: The content is good, but I would like to get more in depth news in my field. Is this possible? A: We are working on making the newsletter as relevant and personalized as possible, so please contact us with your suggestions at http://www.ascp.org/feedback

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